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Organizational Effectiveness

Strategic Plan Development

Strategic plans are often accompanied by parallel implementation plans, which outline responsibilities, timelines, resource requirements and organizational or operational changes required in order to deliver on the strategic plan initiatives. The term 'strategic plan' often is used as an umbrella term covering all these aspects, which is perfectly reasonable, as they are all critical to the success of a strategic planning effort, and are all very much the focus of any such work we do with our clients. 

Our approach when working with an organization in a strategic planning process is predicated on the client being actively be involved in the process. We believe that mere facilitation is not enough and that early and tangible results are important. Our focus on implementation and on a strategic plan which is grounded in reality.

We typically use a ten step process that starts with a detailed review of relevant background materials ranges through interviews, focus groups, and meetings and ending in the development of implementation plans and internal/external communications. These ten basic steps may be modified for any individual client, depending upon their current position in the process, or other underlying factors that may influence the level and extent to which these steps may apply.


Our facilitation services are custom tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients. To determine exactly what is and is not required, we discuss with you each of the four phases of the facilitation process:

  • Planning including determining the outcomes desired, creating a tailored process and the formulation of key questions to elicit information, discussion and creative thinking
  • Facilitation which uses various techniques suited to the group are used to bring out ideas, foster discussion and gain agreement
  • Writing up results so to order and interpret what happened
  • Working with the results to achieve your ultimate ends 

Organizational Change Management

We offer an in-depth understanding of the key factors which impact the successful implementation of change management - namely the interdependent relationship of people, processes, knowledge and technology to influence process outcomes. At the outset of these engagements we assess the current state, help identify the future or "to be" state, and outline what is needed for effective transformation.

In completing our change management work, we have designed multi-step reengineering methodologies, identified key stakeholder values, facilitated change management sessions with teams of client personnel, assessed what people do and what the results are, undertaken qualitative and quantitative analyses of responses to identify specific structures that would lead to strengthening the client's organization, conducted benchmarking or best practices assessments, and assisted in the allocation of resources to areas of greatest impact (including the use of activity based management techniques).

Measurement systems are integral part of Change Management processes. In this regard, we have successfully assisted numerous organizations with the development of accountability frameworks to track the success of implementation plans (including use of methodologies such as the Balanced Scorecard) and to identify corrective action that is required.

Communications Workshops

A strong practice area is what we call communicating effectively. Here we help organizations understand themselves and their communications structures and practices, often through workshops where the Myers-Briggs technique is used. Based upon this understanding, we then assist with the development of improved communications processes. We work with senior management teams and Boards of Directors in the private sector, as well as assisting with community, volunteer, and not-for-profit groups (e.g. Chambers of Commerce) through these workshops.

Policy Development and Evaluation

We have undertaken many projects involving the development and evaluation of policy for government department and agencies, as well as for larger companies and organizations. Here our expertise is to articulate the objectives of policy; to identify the policies, procedures and practices that are used to implement policy; and to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness with which those policy ends are being met.

We have extensive experience in development of public policy and evaluation of government programs. We have also worked extensively with industry associations, business, labour organizations and other stakeholders in the process of formulating effective public policy strategies, objectives and programs. We have national research capabilities and can conduct research in both official languages. We have worked with most sectors of government including most departments, agencies and crown corporations at all levels in Canada and internationally. We have also conducted projects for governments to assist with privatization, economic and social impact, revenue generation and 'best practices' studies.

Depending on the requirements of the project, we have used a wide range of research approaches. Generally, our approach focuses on building consensus amongst the various stakeholders, particularly the end users most directly affected by the policies and programs. We are highly experienced in project management, statistical sampling, research and evaluation methodologies and are familiar with which approaches work best in a government, business and consumer context. We have worked with small and large steering committees representing diverse interests and are knowledgeable of the need to build consensus and communicate regularly with the key stakeholders throughout the study process in order to develop effective public policy. We have conducted projects that have led to the development of Cabinet submissions as a result of our research. We are particularly interested in the implementation of our work and have assisted government and other stakeholders in implementing our recommendations.

Information Technologies/Telecommunications strategic planning

With the assistance of our partners, Seaboard Research/The Yankee Group in Canada, we offer market and strategic planning assistance to information technology and telecommunications firms in Canada and internationally. We work with organizations to build market and strategic plans that marry technological capabilities with shifting market profiles. Our clients have included major IT and telecom firms such as The CGI Group and Bell Canada as well as smaller growth-oriented firms. We assist them in identifying industry trends, market needs and product requirements and integrating this information into comprehensive market and product planning. We provide strategic planning advice for both well-established firms and those contemplating market entry.




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