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Business to Business Marketing

We specialize in business-to-business marketing issues. Particular areas of concentration include market research, the development of marketing and business plans, feasibility assessments for new ventures, customer satisfaction, new product development studies, pricing studies, etc.

We assist companies that market goods and services to other companies. We provide specialist advice on what markets to serve and how to market. We help our clients develop a good understanding of what the customer is looking for in terms of the products and services bought, supplier performance, prices, supply chain and the relationship that exists between supplier performance and customers. We do this by visiting and speaking with customers in sufficient numbers that we are confident that we understand what the customer wants and what our client has to do to get their business (relative to competition).

Buying by companies is very different to consumer buying. Often many people are involved in the buying process, particularly if it is one of changing to a new product or supplier. What a technical person may look for is not the same as what a financial person may look for. Understanding how these differ and who is involved at what stage of the buying decision is the basis for developing an effective marketing strategy aimed at meeting stakeholder value. Also, we examine how web-enabled services are changing the ways of doing business.

We work closely with our clients to augment their capabilities, especially with those concerned with marketing management functions. Our clients usually have more detailed knowledge of their customers than we do. Thus they provide us with the facts and figures of their business and with names and contacts. As well, we assess their marketing processes and resource allocation.

What we bring is the ability to uncover more of what customers think of our clients and their competitors than they would be prepared to tell them directly. It is this third party assessment that enables us to add real value, even to companies that believe that they really understand their market. Simply put, we help our clients achieve a sustainable advantage over competition.

Strategic Marketing and Planning

We work with senior management teams and Boards of Directors in both private and public sector organizations to assist with the development of strategic marketing and development plans. We can help develop vision/mission statements, articulate goals and objectives, develop strategic initiatives, analyze budget and financial data, prepare monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, etc.

Competitive Intelligence Systems

The pace of change currently occurring in the North American marketplace is unprecedented and firms are finding it a lot more challenging to sustain their competitive positions. In addition, the proliferation of the Internet is impacting the way companies must compete for customers and monitoring competition has become a higher priority. Business Intelligence (BI) is also called Competitive Intelligence (CI) and, in many companies, the terms are used interchangeably. Leading companies are using Competitive Intelligence/Knowledge Management (CI/KM) initiatives to allow their senior management to cut through the clutter of information they receive and take timely action to improve their competitive positioning.

The end goal of the deployment of CI/KM tools is to effectively deliver tailored strategic and tactical intelligence to key decision-makers (and intelligence users), at the right time and in a usable form. At TCI, our specialist CI/KM team consists of senior in-house consultants and strategic allies. We offer seasoned business and technology expertise. Over the past decade, our team's experience in designing, implementing and operating CI/KM systems has been developed in a number of industry sectors undergoing rapid changes including telecommunications, high technology, utilities and specialised polymers/chemicals.

By taking into account what's in-place within your organization and visioning what the end output might be, we can rapidly identify the activities required to upgrade the way you create knowledge bases and share intelligence within your organization. In addition, we can provide your people with customized CI training matched to their current skill sets. We work with our clients to deploy smart, scalable solutions.

The power of our approach lies in integrating the key factors that make CI programs successful namely people, processes, technology and content. Moreover, our specialists are knowledgeable on the strengths, weaknesses and capabilities of CI and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Accordingly, we use our skill sets in developing a customised road map for implementation of your CI system. We would be happy to show you how we can bring our wealth of CI/KM and CRM expertise to meet your needs and deliver sustainable business value.




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