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Boards of Directors Governance

TCI works with boards of directors, largely in the not-for-profit sector, to help them govern effectively: We assist board members to manage their scarcest resources, time, and knowledge. The governance model we use is designed to focus the attention of board members on the key issues of governance. It centres on developing and communicating board expectations to the organization and working with the CEO to ensure that those expectations are realistic and are met.

The intent of our approach is to remove the stress associated with the fire fighting approach to governance by putting in place clear processes for decision-making and communication between the Board and the organization. This stress is replaced with a refocus of Board energy on the fundamentals of governance: Deciding what the organization is all about; determining what is to be achieved; making clear what approaches to achieving the Board's goals are not acceptable, and, specifying how the Board will relate to the organization. We place considerable stress on Board intervention at key points of the planning and implementation cycle. The nature of Board intervention is designed to clearly specify its expectations in a way that are understandable and useful to the organization.

We work with boards to preserve their most important asset - corporate memory. This helps to ensure that Boards do not repeat the mistakes of the past but rather build on both their positive achievements and their mistakes. We use a 'real time' approach to building corporate memory that uses members; time is the most economical manner. We use a combination of computer-based multimedia presentations and group exercises to help board members to re-conceptualize their roles. We then involve members in working through a structured approach to developing meaningful policy and implementing it skilfully. Finally, we provide guidance in working skilfully with the CEO or Executive Director to implement these changes to the benefit of the organization as a whole.

Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, and Economic Assessments

We specialize in feasibility studies for new ventures (product lines, companies, joint ventures, new facilities) for both private and public sector organizations. These involve assessments of the size and growth of the market; projections of attendance and/or sales; the development of operating plans; the design and configuration of the new operation, including an assessment of capital costs; and financial and sensitivity analyses. Often, we will incorporate the results of the feasibility study into a business plan for the new venture, which will then be used to help structure the venture and raise financing.

We also undertake 'due diligence' assessments of feasibility studies and business plans that have been prepared by other organizations. This may be part of a review by government, for example, if public monies are being requested, or on behalf of a legal firm if litigation is involved.

We have also undertaken numerous economic impact assessments of new ventures, events or facilities at the national, provincial, state, regional or local level. In these, we focus on the incremental economic benefits of the new development upon the area of concern, using standard economic impact frameworks that determine the impact in terms of jobs, additional income, and tax benefits. Our services include:

  • Market studies
  • Marketing plans
  • Strategic plans
  • Vision and goal setting
  • Operating plans
  • Financial analysis and planning

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We are very experienced in assisting our clients to use CRM strategies, analytical tools and management processes to create additional value through the acquisition, development and retention of preferred customer relationships. Our experience includes providing advice on the effective use of call centres and on the deployment of customer satisfaction and loyalty methodologies. In addition, CRM is being used to open new doors and business opportunities in key, emerging areas such as e-Commerce/Business (e.g., eCRM Multimedia initiatives).

Our integrated approach to CRM focuses on how our clients serve their customers and how customers view the performance of our client. In this regard, we assist our clients in making informed customer investment decisions across the range of current and potential customer interactions. In making such investments, firms will likely reallocate their marketing and production resources to maximize the value of their entire customer base.

We assist our clients in both justifying those investments and justifying the returns from them. With value creation as the end goal, we help uncover specific opportunities with customers, identify how to involve customers in creating relationship value and assess how to create value through marketing partnerships.

The scope of our services includes addressing organizational issues for implementing CRM such as ways of automating, improving and aligning business processes in front-office areas, identifying information requirements and models for analysis, undertaking various measurements (e.g. customer satisfaction and loyalty tracking), HR requirements (employee satisfaction and training) and management of change. We can also provide specialist alliance partners who bring the IT resources and capabilities for enabling integrated end-to-end eCRM solutions.




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