All stakeholders face significant issues. Artists and creators are challenged by the necessity of making a living, being represented so that their rights are respected and the value of their intellectual property creations recognized.  Organizations are challenged by the need to become more self-sufficient and accountable and to balance the needs of their markets with artistic and intellectual integrity. Governments are challenged by the need to nurture and support cultural activities as a fundamental component of society but to do so through more innovative, flexible and cost-effective means.

We assist cultural organizations with marketing, public policy and advocacy issues. We bring an understanding of the changing environment and an appreciation of the balance between the needs of industry stakeholders. TCI has worked with cultural institutions such as museums, libraries, archives, art galleries, zoos, historical attractions, botanical gardens, science centres; performing arts groups; cultural industries; rights organizations such as songwriters, artists, authors; and government departments and agencies. We have also conducted a large number of municipal cultural plans. Areas in which we work:

    • Municipal cultural plans
    • Strategic planning sessions
    • Feasibility studies and business plans
    • Management/marketing teams
    • Plans for new activities/events
    • Market and financial assessments
    • Best practices and public policy
    • Economic impact studies