Our solutions are designed to meet the planning and implementation needs of our clients. These services are geared toward problem solving, creating plans and moving into action.  Our unique strength is our broad and deep experience with strategic issues in business-to-business situations and in a public sector environment. We can assist you with the following services:

Community and Economic Development

      • Feasibility studies

      • Business plans
      • Economic development strategy
      • Economic impact assessment
      • Tourism strategy
      • Stakeholder consultation and facilitation
      • Waterfronts and marina development
      • First Nations
      • Worlds Fairs

     Cultural Development

          • Strategic and master plans
          • Feasibility studies and business plans
          • Stakeholder consultation and facilitation
          • Attendance and revenue projections
          • Municipal cultural plans
          • Economic impact assessment
          • Public policy development
          • Program evaluation
          • Best practices and benchmarking
          • Financial modeling
          • and more

         Strategic Planning and Marketing Strategies

            • Business to business marketing
            • Strategic marketing and planning
            • Competitive analysis and benchmarking
            • Market research (surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc.)
            • Marketing plan development and sales forecasting
            • Market and financial feasibility assessments

          Governance and Organizational Effectiveness

            • Board governance
            • Organizational and service reviews
            • Facilitation
            • Performance and change management
            • Policy development and evaluation